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Beach Town Athletic Club | Why Learn Wing Chun Self Defense?

 My goal has been to learn from the greatest masters of healing and combat, to share their advanced systems, as well as advanced systems and methods of my own, proven to get results to help you achieve your highest and best excellence.
This is about You!

Dr. Jim Bentley

As the world gets bigger and we are constantly in contact with more and more people, danger levels are increasing. This is why it is important for people to be trained in self defense and why companies are even training their employees. It can be hard to know exactly what self defense could do for you and what program you should choose. That is why we have developed this handy guide to teach you everything about self defense and why you should choose Wing Chun.
Keep reading to learn everything about Wing Chun at Beach Town Athletic Club and how it can help you live your life with better health and higher levels of safety. 

Why You Should Learn Advance Self Defense

You may not think that you need self defense if you’ve never had anything bad happen to you. But around 15% of Americas will be a victim of a crime every year, and up to 3% will be a victim of a violent crime. Protecting yourself can give you more confidence and improve your health. 

Being Stronger is Safer

Safety can mean more than one thing. It’s not even just as protection from crime but as protection for your health. People who exercise regularly and build muscles are more likely to age better and lead healthier lives. 

All self defense classes are going to help you work your body. But it’s not just about appearances – the end goal is tangible protection for yourself. 

Taking self defense courses also means you will be building a community and finding like-minded individuals. This can help your mental health and build relationships. Spread the word about this community with some great athletic wear

Lessen Your Fear  

A big part of learning self defense and becoming stronger, in general, is gaining confidence in yourself. The results of self defense become clear within a matter of weeks as you can do more advanced moves and maintain positions for longer. 

You will likely see improvement and know that the self defense is working. This can make you less afraid of everyday situations and prepared in the event of something going wrong. Living without fear means you are more likely to live your life as you want to, rather than holding yourself back. 

Why Learn Wing Chun Self Defense 

In addition to all the regular benefits of taking self defense classes, Wing Chung has its own special advantages. It has a shorter history of around 300 years that means Wing Chun is more in turn with modern needs and social advances. It developed in southern China and is now practiced by a wide array of masters worldwide like Dr. Jim Bentley, who instructs with Beach Town Athletic Club. 

But among all the different ways of learning self defense and among the various martial arts traditions, you’re probably wondering what makes Wing Chun stand out? Let’s look at some of the most important factors that make Wing Chun unique. 

Gain Strength and Flexibility

Many martial arts practices will focus on strength or flexibility, but Wing Chun focuses on them equally. Flexibility is important for strength and vice versa. Stretching is vital for being able to achieve many of the movements of Wing Chun. 

You can expect every class of Wing Chun to include stretches that are designed to help improve your mobility. Improved mobility doesn’t only help you achieve more within Wing Chun practices, but it is a way to keep yourself healthy and mobile as you age. 

The kinds of flexibility that you can expect to gain are in the hips, groin, hamstrings, and forearms. Mobility will be improved in the shoulders and wrists. 

Improve Your Mind-Body Connection 

In this busy modern age, our mind and our body seem to frequently be at odds with each other. But we can become so much more powerful if we can have our mind and body work in tandem for improved living. 

Wing Chun can be surprisingly relaxing as elements of the practice involve practicing breathing. This can sound counter-intuitive, but proper breath control can help your punches and kicks have more power. While practicing breathing, you will also be working on clearing your mind at the same time. 

Having a clear mind means having improved focus on your training. These techniques are great to apply outside the training room as well. If you’re having a bad or busy day, you can use your breathing and meditation abilities to help. 

The Training is Intensive – So It’s Great Exercise! 

Wing Chun is great at combining so many things. You don’t need to have a separate class for meditation, stretching, and workout – they’re all rolled into one! 

Wing Chun is all about repetition and building cardiovascular endurance. As a full-body workout that focuses on your arms and legs, you can expect to build muscle mass and burn calories along the way – two for one! A one-hour class could see you burning up to 450 calories because building muscle requires a lot more energy than you might think. 

Of course, it can be exhausting. That’s why the stretching cool downs and meditation can help you recover and leave with a clear mind. You’re sure to leave every class tired, but by the next day, you’ll be craving more! 

Learn Wing Chun Self Defense at Beach Town Athletic Club 

Now that you know all about the importance of self defense and why Wing Chun is an excellent choice, you’re probably wondering where to start classes. Beach Town Athletic Club employs some of the best masters of Wing Chun and is committed to helping you on your self defense journey. Sign up for classes today and get started!